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Henry Helm Floyd Chapter NSDAR was organized in 1922 with Mrs. Lura Robertson Prentice, member at large, the organizing regent. The chapter was named for her Revolutionary ancestor, her mother's grandfather, Henry Helm Floyd.

Henry Helm Floyd was born in Prince William County, Virginia, the 21st day of September 1781. His mother was Nancy Ann Helm, daughter of Thomas Helm (d. 1784) and Margaret Lynaugh Helm. His father, Henry Floyd, was born in Virginia, and died in Union County, Kentucky, in 1816, at the age of 97. His mother was Miss Bruce.

Henry Helm Floyd was married July 20, 1783, in Fauquier County, Virginia, to Frances Crosby. They had seven children.

In the fall of 1804, the Floyds came down the Ohio River on a flatboat the father and mother, several married children, their families, their slaves, and all their belongings. Just as they reached Uniontown, Nancy Helm Floyd died of pneumonia (December 24, 1804) and was buried on the hill.

Both Henry Helm Floyd and his father, Henry, saw service in the American Revolution and both applied for pensions with Henry H. Floyd Va. No. S31030 and Henry Floyd Va. No. R14982 1/2 (VA Half-Pay.). Henry Helm Floyd made his application for pension on October 21, 1833 from Union County, Kentucky.

Henry Helm Floyd enlisted in the War of the American Revolution from Fauquier County, Virginia, in the spring of 1781, when 19 years of age, as a private under Captain Joseph O'Bannon and Colonel Churchill; he reenlisted in the fall of 1781 under the command of William Grigsby and Colonel Edmunds under the command of General Stevens, and served until the surrender of Cornwallis.

Later Henry Helm Floyd served as a lieutenant under George Rogers Clark, in the conquest of the northwest, and during the War of 1812 he was a colonel with General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.

Henry Helm Floyd died September 8, 1850, and was buried in the family cemetery on the old Floyd farm near Waverly. A cedar tree planted by his son, Henry Crosby Floyd, marked his grave. Years later, during a windstorm, the cedar tree was blown down, and Colonel Hansford L. Threlkeld, descended from the daughter, Elizabeth Crosby Floyd, gave the chapter, named in her father's honor, a beautiful silver-bound gavel, appropriately inscribed, made from the cedar tree which had marked Henry Helm Floyd's grave.

Office Title
Officer Name
Regent Bonnie Edmonson
Vice Regent Rebecca Hite
Chaplain Jane Shipley
Recording Secretary Phyllis Garrett
Corresponding Secretary Wanda Combs
Treasurer Margaret Chapman
Registrar Danielle Duncan
Historian Jane Epperson

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